Kolto was a liquid known for its healing abilities. It was found in the water of the oceanic planet Manaan, with a significant concentration near the Hrakert Rift along with other underwater chasms. It was considered a valuable commodity during the Jedi Civil War, but its significance was lost over time.

The most common application of kolto was through complete submersion in a kolto tank. A patient would remain inside the tank, completely submerged in a solution of kolto, until their wounds were healed. During its peak, kolto tanks could be found aboard Republic starships, inside government buildings and in medical facilities. The concentration of kolto could be tailored to the patient, allowing for different solutions to be input.6

Kolto was also one of the primary components of a medpac during the Jedi Civil War.1 Small amounts of the liquid could be placed in the medpac and easily carried or transported. Therefore, the amount of kolto was usually not substantial, so it functioned primarily as a first aid supplement.


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